For Cow Harbor, it may all come down to this

My running experience this weekend varied greatly, with Saturday’s humidity restricting my progress and Sunday’s cool, dry conditions providing an energizing atmosphere. I don’t have much to say about Saturday except that I knew from the start that it would be a tough run. I covered more distance than the three miles I’d originally targeted, so I was pleased with that small victory. Sometimes you need to give due respect to the heat and try your best, even if you don’t run very long.

Yesterday’s experience was much different and I knew from the start that I would have a better time on the Bethpage trail. I’m not sure how much credit I should give to the Accel Gel, but both times I’ve used it I’ve liked the results. The big hill at Bethpage is no James Street monster, but it’s the best I could do as a training resource. It was nice to come up and over the top without feeling like I had nothing left, as I often do when finishing long runs there.

More than once I’ve had terrible runs on Saturday, followed by a really good run on Sunday. This coming weekend I’m hoping I peak early and feel race ready on the 15th. The two days that I’ll rest prior to Saturday may improve my chances, but it doesn’t guarantee I’ll be at my best. I really hope we have great weather like last year on race day rather than the stifling heat and humidity of the year before. Above all else, weather can make the difference between a good or difficult race experience.

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