Liquid exhaustion

Yesterday’s run (treadmill): 30 minutes
Today’s run (street) 5.25 miles

Circuitous route

I was tired on Thursday morning and (no surprise) my run was slow. Yesterday morning I felt the same, so I skipped my morning run altogether. I’m not sure why I lacked energy on these two days but it definitely affected my motivation to run. After a half day in the office I headed home feeling more inclined to work out, so I took the opportunity to fit in a 30 minute treadmill run.

Despite yesterday’s brutal heat and high humidity, I remained relatively dry during my indoor run. Credit goes to the big fan we’ve positioned directly in front of the treadmill. I didn’t push my pace but, by the time I reached my planned finish time, I was completely soaked with sweat. I’d placed an icy glass filled with Gatorade G2 on the side table of the bed to drink after I’d completed my run. As they say, I was keeping my eye on the prize.

This morning I took it outside with no planned route, but an intention of running five miles. The dew point was approaching 70 by the time I set off and I tried to keep a sustainable pace that would allow me to cover my planned distance. I hadn’t matched my normal pace since Wednesday morning’s run. Today was no different but my focus was on distance, not speed.

The hot sun and the moisture in the air wore me down, mile by mile, but I still had enough in the tank to cover 5-plus miles. I’m accustomed to being sweaty after these long runs, but today it looked and felt like I had stepped out of a lake as I walked into the house. Every square inch of skin was wet and my clothing was completely saturated. Although I felt no aerobic strain during the run, I was still breathing heavily five minutes after the finish. It was more exhausting than I realized.

I’m on vacation this coming week and I hope to get a chance to run in Washington DC while we’re there. If that’s not practical, I may need to settle for the fitness center in the hotel. It’s less stimulating to run indoors. But, with this weather, I’ll fully appreciate the air conditioned experience.

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