Chocolate #9 seems to deliver

Today’s run (street): 3.5 miles

It’s going to be a hot and soggy day today, so I got out at 7:00 AM to try to beat the heat. Over the weekend we had stopped into REI, where I picked up some gels that I had not previously tried. REI offers one of the best selections of gels and performance foods I’ve seen and they usually offer deals as an incentive to try new items.

I tried one of the new gels, called Chocolate #9, before my run. According to the company website, this gel:

  • is sweetened only with organic agave.
  • contains no refined sugar or other HIGH glycemic index sweeteners.
  • has been tested and certified as a “LOW” glycemic index (GI) item.
  • reduces the negative effect of repetitive insulin “spiking” during sustained exercise.
  • won’t cause a sugar high or a sugar low – bonk.
  • is an excellent energy choice for endurance athletes.
  • is suitable for most diabetics.
  • is an excellent choice for those not wanting to eat refined sugar.
  • is vegan, low fat and gluten free.
  • contains no synthetics – no unpleasant aftertastes – tastes great.
  • contains no “mystery” ingredients, colorings, or preservatives.
  • is easy on the stomach.

The gel tasted fine and I felt stronger than usual as I set out on my run. It didn’t translate into any great speed, but that wasn’t a priority today. Despite the humidity, I didn’t start to sweat until the second mile. My pace was easy but my form was good. I ran seven miles yesterday so today’s 3+ miles seemed to go by fairly quickly.

I don’t know how much credit I should give to this gel for providing me consistent energy throughout my run, but it certainly didn’t hurt my performance. I’ll try it again to see if the benefit is consistent or if today’s experience was a fluke. For now, I’ll give Chocolate #9 the benefit of the doubt.

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