Xmas Stillwell run

Today’s run (Stillwell Woods): 3.4 miles

Today is Christmas, and though there’s no snow outside, it’s plenty cold. I thought about doing a neighborhood run to take advantage of the quiet roads. My wife reminded me that snow would be here before I knew it, and suggested that I run at Stillwell while I still could. That made sense to me so I geared up and headed over to the park.

It was quiet when I got there, but soon a few runners appeared, all heading toward the woods. After some dynamic stretches, I followed the runners and chose a different route than usual. This path runs along the southern part of the woods and it connects to my normal route via a steep uphill section. I’d had about five minutes to get loose enough to attack this climb and I came over it without much trouble.

From there I locked into my familiar course and encountered a few people running their dogs. I also crossed paths with a couple of runners I’d seen at the trail head. Although it was just below 30°, I was beginning to get hot. I’d worn layers anticipating wind and chillier temps within the woods, but I began to sweat after I’d covered my first mile.

I ran along the eastern side of the big field and ducked back into the woods to start my main loop. A little further in I saw the same couple running from the other direction. The woman, who I initially viewed with sympathy because she was only wearing running shorts, seemed a lot more comfortable than her partner, who was dressed more like me.

I reached the point where I needed to decide whether to wind down or add a couple more miles to my run. Although I had no time constraint, I chose to cut it short and headed west along the northern path towards the main trail head. There will be lots of opportunities to run this week and I didn’t want to overdo it today.

It was a decent run and a nice break from the road. I’m not sure where I’ll run in the coming days but I would like to put in at least one hour-plus run in the next few days. Happy holidays!

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