One good run deserves another

Today’s run ( street): 2.5 miles

It’s been ten days since I fell after one of my morning runs and I still have some nasty abrasions to show for it. My right leg, near the outside of my knee, is still in tough shape despite daily care. The injuries are healing but they still sting and this morning it was fairly uncomfortable.

I’d prepared for an outside run after checking last night’s weather. It was chilly, but I dressed for it and took off hoping that I’d fare better than the last three times I’d gone out. After reaching the top of the first road it was clear that I was past those issues. My form was more fluid and my stride felt more open than it had the last few times I’d run. I experimented with arm swing as a method to increase cadence. I think that was helpful on the roads that had inclines.

The run went by quickly and despite the fact that my Garmin had trouble locking in (and subsequently under counted my distance by .14 miles), I ended up running my fastest pace since my 5K in early October. I’m glad to finally have a decent run after some disappointing experiences. One good run is great, but will I be ready to compete again by the 13th?

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