Post-accident run with a much better ending

Today’s run (street): 4.45 miles

Yesterday was a long day, we went to Boston to visit family and came back last night. We were pretty exhausted by the time we went to bed and I’d hoped that it would lead to a good night’s sleep. With my scrapes and bruises from Friday’s accident still mending, it was a little hard to get comfortable. I woke up groggy and with a headache, but I was determined to get outside for a run.

I wore a pair of loose running pants to protect the bandages on my calf and knee and a long sleeve running shirt to cover my elbow bandage. With my left middle finger in a splint and bandages across the back of both hands, I probably looked worse than I felt. I’d taken a couple of aspirins and a Sudafed and, while I felt strong at the beginning, I think the Pseudoephedrine was sapping my energy as I ran.

Despite all the damage caused by yesterday’s roll and slide on concrete and blacktop, I was fortunate to avoid any injury that affected my ability to run. I purposely kept my pace easy and that helped me get through the distance. I followed a meandering route that had a few roads with slight elevation and I realized that I’m liking running hills more and more. I may be ready to return to the monster hills at Stillwell.

I headed back toward home after passing four miles and when I reached my driveway I was especially careful to avoid the raised edge that sent me sprawling on Friday. Having missed my run on Saturday, my weekly mileage will be lower than normal for the week.  No matter, I was glad to get back on the road and finish the week with a good running experience.

2 thoughts on “Post-accident run with a much better ending

  1. Glad your injuries are not too bad.I took a fall once running at night because I couldn't see the rock on the ground. Scraped both knees and palms of my hands. Ripped my fairly new running shoe. Since then I am very careful when running in the dark.


  2. Hi Paul. I run in the dark almost every morning and I'm usually very careful to avoid ruts and potholes. Ironically, on Friday, my headlamp was tilted down affording an extra good view of the road. I simply let my guard down as I completed the last steps of my run and I paid for that!


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