What’s next after Cow Harbor?

Unlike most races, the Cow Harbor 10K always happens on a Saturday which makes the weekend seem extra long. Last year I did an easy recovery run the next day and eased back into my normal routine with a  rest day on Monday. I usually get one day of respite after races or long distance runs and don’t feel the muscle soreness in my legs until the following day. That isn’t the case today though. My calves feel extremely tight and the thought of doing a run today, even an easy one, is out of the question. In fact, I’ll probably take another rest day tomorrow and resume my normal running schedule on Tuesday.

Speaking of schedules, I’m trying to plan the rest of my races for the year. Last year I went from Cow Harbor in September to two races in November (with no race in October). My favorite distance is 10K, but there aren’t nearly as many 10K’s to choose from as there are 5K races. The Huntington (NY) Big 8 10K race is on October 22nd, but I may have a scheduling issue that weekend.

If I can’t race on 10/22 then I may run a 5K in October instead and run Hope for the Warriors and the Long Beach Turkey trot (both 10k’s) in November. I’ve never run a race in December, but I’d consider it. I’ll check the calendar to see what’s going on. Suggestions are welcomed!

4 thoughts on “What’s next after Cow Harbor?

  1. My wife and I do run all three! 🙂 Since you like the 10k distance the best go for the Wantagh Snowball since it is 5 miles vs 5k. The course is flat, well organized with a nice smooth start. It always seems to be very cold during these races so get your winter running gear ready.


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