Does a mid-foot strike mean no more bad runs?

Today’s run (street): 2.55 miles

Since I’ve transitioned to mid-foot striking I’ve rarely experienced a bad run. Some runs are are better than others but it’s been a long time since I’d described the experience as akin to having sand bags strapped to my legs. This morning I had pronounced stiffness in my lower legs and my knee felt slightly tweaky so I moderated my pace and went with that. The result was a slower than normal overall pace but I still kept it in the 9:00 minute range.

The key to a better running experience seems to be landing on my mid-foot which negates any pronation tendencies. I’ve noticed that I run more upright with a straighter line from head through my hips and this seems to make my running easier. Plus, this opens up my center which facilitates easier breathing. It all seems to add up to a more efficient process. I’m fairly convinced these benefits are for real.

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