Marginal improvement

I’ve been holding off on activity since Friday because my knee is still tender and I don’t want to do anything to aggravate it further. Yesterday afternoon I’d had enough of sedentary living so I ran through a series of core exercises and added some sit ups and push ups to the mix. I wouldn’t call it a hard workout but at least it was something.

I’ve returned to work and have been wearing a flexible knee brace most of the day. There is still noticeable soreness in my leg and the pain seems to be primarily located just above the medial side of the meniscus. The pain has lessened but I still feel some occasional twinges when I move my leg laterally. I’m becoming more optimistic that I’ll have sufficent recovery by the weekend. It is disappointing to have an injury so close to an important race but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Marginal improvement

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