A run that went according to plan

Today’s run (street) 5.3 miles

Although we’d been hearing that the temperatures would rise by this weekend it wasn’t the case this morning. It was barely 20 degrees at 8:00 AM and the sun was blocked by clouds. I’d dressed for the cold (layered compression pants, warm hat, running gloves) but I only wore a half-zip, with a short sleeved jersey on top because I knew I’d eventually get hot. It was breezy but the winds didn’t have the same force as those that I’d faced on Thursday in Central Park.

Once I got going I started to think about route and distance. I often have great ambition at the beginning of a run in terms of what I’m prepared to do. Sometimes I match, or even succeed my intended goal but there are still occasions when I don’t. Happily, today’s energy level matched my plan. I’m on target to run more miles this week than I have in the prior two weeks and it’s easy to explain why. Twice this week I’ve run outside and I’m planning another outside run tomorrow. My runs on the treadmill are great workouts but I just can’t endure it for long periods of time.

Although this morning’s run was contained within the streets of my neighborhood, I still appreciated the winter scene. The snow covered lawns made the suburban roads appear more like country lanes. The cold air helped me along and I maintained a decent pace throughout my planned course. I finished up after completing a little more than five miles. I could have gone longer but I stuck to my plan. It was great to be back on the road again. I could get used to that.

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