Does this count as a 60 minute upper body workout?

14″ added to the base. Hey, I can finally dunk a basketball!

 I woke up to 14″ of new snow and a pile of icy chunks 3′ high, 4′ deep and 20′ wide at the end of the driveway (courtesy of the town plows). My wife and I got out early and spent an hour digging out as much as we could. Even after that point it seemed that we’d barely made a dent. I am happy to shovel for hours but I wanted to wrap up before my neighbor came out with his snow blower that spews a toxic mixture of gas and oil. A couple of roving shovelers happened by and my wife and I decided to hire them to get through the rest. It turned out to be a good investment. The Long Island Railroad canceled many trains and suspended service a few times so I elected to work from home today.

I’m not sure this morning’s shoveling constituted a workout but I did work up enough of a sweat that I shed my jacket to help me cool down. I’m thinking about doing an elliptical workout at lunchtime if my schedule works. The irony of working from home is that I often over-schedule calls and I end up with less time than I do when I’m actually in the office. I love the snow but the frequency and volume we’ve received this year has forced me to run indoors a lot more than I’d like. Worse, I haven’t been able run the trails since December and I miss that a lot. I wish I had invested in snow shoes before the winter season. While I’m thinking about it, it would also be nice to have an efficient, environmentally correct snow blower.

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