A compelling reason to run on the treadmill

Frigid temperatures on Long Island this morning
Today’s run (treadmill): 2.5 miles

The news stations were reporting 18 degrees in NYC with colder temperatures in the suburbs this morning. The widget on my iPhone shows 14 degrees where I live. If not for the still icy roads, I would have liked to run outside today because I find really cold temperatures energizing.  But 14 degrees is not my idea of a good running experience.

Instead of the street, I ran on the treadmill this morning. I wore my Kinvaras that were a nice change from the Brooks GTS 10s that I’ve been using outdoors because they do a better job of keeping my feet warm. At this point I’m really convinced that a minimal running shoe is the key to better form. Of course with the chilly winter weather more substantial shoes have a certain appeal. I didn’t run too intensely this morning but I brought up my speed after my first mile and bumped up the pace every few minutes from there.

My judgement of treadmill runs follows a different scale than outdoor runs. My starting point when running outside is generally positive and if the run is good things are even more positive. My starting point on the treadmill is the opposite and the best thing I can say about a treadmill workout is that it didn’t suck. Today’s run didn’t suck, so yay! I’m really hoping to get some outdoor running in this weekend. Next week is supposed to be warmer but with rain and even some snow. I’m traveling to a warmer climate mid week so I may get to run outdoors in shorts. That would be a welcome change.

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