Anticipating my return to the road

Today’s workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

Despite all the snow shoveling from yesterday’s storm I felt remarkably free of any aches or pains this morning. I decided to use the elliptical machine today instead of the treadmill and I’m happy that I did. The elliptical provides a decent workout and with impact to the knees and hips it’s nice alternative to a run. Plus it’s quiet and human powered so I can zone out and not fear that the machine will punish my lack of focus the way the treadmill might.

It’s cold this morning and that will continue through tomorrow. I’m resigned to a treadmill workout in Friday and though I don’t really like the experience I like the convenience of starting my run so quickly after I get up. Unlike outdoor running that requires lots of layers, reflective vest, headlamp, etc., I throw on shorts, shoes and a shirt and I’m running. I’m hoping to catch a break on the weekend that will allow me to safely run outdoors on Saturday. The cold dry air, snow covered lawns and early winter sunrise make for a satisfying experience. Can’t wait to get back outdoors.

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