2010 goals scored

It’s time to start thinking about the year ahead in terms of running goals. A quick review of my 2010 goals shows that I hit most but not all. Here’s my take in terms of percentage achieved:

1. Fully transition to mid/front foot running style.
Score: 85% – Mostly successful but not complete. I do much better when I run in the Kinvaras

2. Raise at least $200 for charitable causes by donating $5 per race mile.
Score: 100% – Running donations were close to $300

3. PR in a race – preferably in a longer distance than 5K.
Score: 100% – Two 10K PR’s in consecutive weeks!

4. Run trails at three or more NY state parks that I have yet to visit.
Score: 66% – Muttontown Preserve and Eisenhower Park. This should have been an easy one but I never got around to running at Caleb Smith as planned.

5. Run a continuous 10 mile route under 9:30/mile.
Score: 75% – Exceeded the distance (10.2 miles) but not the pace.

6. Participate in at least 5 races.
Score: 100% – Ran eight (7 competitively).

7. Finish the year as excited about running as I am right now.
Score: 100% – If anything I’m more engaged than when this goal was set.

I’ll be posting 2011 goals soon!

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