Treadmill taper run

Today’s run (treadmill): 2.4 miles

The twin furies of wind and rain forced me to stay inside this morning. I didn’t mind too much. It’s been months since I’ve run indoors and I was almost looking forward to a change of pace. One thing I did like was the reduction in time between waking and running. This is usually 10-15 minutes for outside runs because of all the extra safety gear and complexities of getting out the door. This morning it was simply shorts, shirt, socks, shoes, run.

Every time I use it, I say the same thing. I really dislike the treadmill. It scares me and it’s hard. I don’t like my running surface dictating my speed and if I stumble I know I’ll find myself unceremoniously swept off the tread. But we bought our treadmill for a reason and that reason includes always having the option to run, even on miserable days like today.

I started slowly because the treadmill felt fast, even at a moderate speed. Each quarter mile I increased my speed by .1 MPH so that by the time I’d finished my run I was pacing in the low 9:00 range. Although my overall pace averaged in the mid 9’s it felt like a hard workout. I only ran about 23 minutes in total and I enjoyed the extra time finishing my coffee while watching the local news. I wore my Brooks on today’s run and didn’t love them as much as I had prior to my using the Kinvara’s. I’m planning to run with the Saucony’s on Sunday for the 10K. After all, they’re my PR shoes at that distance. Tomorrow I’ll stay indoors again for a final intensity workout on the elliptical. I’ve never run two races on consecutive weekends before. I’m curious to see how that goes.

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