Anniversary day run and 700th post

Today’s run (street): 3.55 miles

Today is my anniversary so I took a vacation day and spent some great time with my wife. It’s also the 700th post on this blog. I wanted to get a few extra miles in this morning because I skipped Tuesday’s workout. With a little more time to run I had more opportunity to cover distance than I usually do on during the work week. This morning’s run was very tough. It felt harder than an 8 miler in the July heat. I’m hoping that my experience had something to do with this cold that continues to plague me. I want to avoid the need to call this blog the Emerging Complainer so I’ll just say that my legs felt like lead and my form felt unbalanced over the entire run.

I wore my Brooks GTS 10’s because I wanted a little extra cushioning since everything that can hurt was hurting prior to hitting the road. It was a strange sensation when I ran. I felt that my stride action was numb and that my glutes on the right side (where I usually have an issue) felt extremely weak. I always vow to resume my core workouts when I experience these feelings but I haven’t been good about doing that. I don’t exactly why I’m having so many sluggish runs these days. You’d think the fact that I run most days would contribute more to continuous improvement. I know things will snap back into place once I get rid of this cold. Despite the difficulty of today’s run I beat yesterday’s pace handily so I know I can move along if I need to.  I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow for an activity because I am home on Friday and that will provide time for a longer workout. I’m hoping for less pain and more gain. I’ll be happy with less pain (I couldn’t resist one last complaint).

3 thoughts on “Anniversary day run and 700th post

  1. Bill M.

    Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day off and hope you feel better. Get a flu shot, it's a worthwhile investment. I don't have any stellar ideas on improving the blog (it's good as is)but I got a kick out of how your son is your social media marketing strategist advising you to create a slogan, but can't say I am surprised 🙂


  2. You're probably on to something with the core exercises. I've recently restarted the plan I was on (basic stuff with a stability ball) and haven't had a bad run since. No dead legs, no 3 miles to warm up. Had some issues with last nights run due to a large meal before hand (hard to work the timing of that out for me) but I can feel the core stuff paying off.


  3. Bill – thanks. Great anniversary day despite the cold. I'll be curious to get your take on the site redesign. I think you know something about that : )Run – I agree, and a little goes a long way. I need to do more core and more speed work, even though neither is as fun as just getting out for a long run.


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