Morning pity party

Today’s run (street): 2.25 miles

I don’t often skip two days in a row but I’ve been fighting a cold all week. I usually run well after resting two days but this morning’s workout was taxing. I’m thankful that my cold it isn’t any worse than it is. This time of year whenever I  feel run down I worry that I have the flu. You’d think I’d get a flu shot. When I got up my legs were hurting in unfamiliar ways and I attributed it to cold induced body aches rather than running. My pains ranged from my ankles to my upper hamstring and included shin and knee pain. Since I hadn’t run in two days I wasn’t concerned that the pain was related.

Today’s rain was just starting when I stepped out and for the first half of my run it remained a drizzle. It was far warmer than when I went out on Sunday but not too uncomfortable. Strong winds were blowing from the south as I headed out the door. My leg pain dissipated as I ran but my legs still felt heavy and my pace was ponderous. I was glad to be back on the road but I wasn’t really enjoying the experience. It felt like I was running with ankle weights. The rain picked up substantially after ten minutes and running into stiff winds didn’t help. I was anxious to get through the run so I could relax with a cup of coffee before I hit the shower. My overall pace was abysmal but I did succeed in logging my first miles of the week. My head cold remains but I don’t think running did me any harm. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s workout will be a better experience.

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