What do you want to see on emergingrunner.com?

New look coming

At the advice of my wife I decided to forgo my usual workout this morning. I suffered through yesterday with cold symptoms and worried that it would turn into something major. I got to bed early last night and it seems like the extra rest has helped. I still have some vestiges of a cold but my energy level is much better. I would have liked to run a few miles today with the SRRs to work out the residual soreness in my legs from Saturday’s run in Northport.  Still,  another recovery day makes better sense.

#It’s still October but I’m coming up on my second anniversary of “The Emerging Runner” that will happen on November 18. Including today, I’ve put up 698 posts to date, my first post being a tongue in cheek declaration that I’m a real runner. Like last November, on the site’s first anniversary, I’m planning to give the blog a new look. My son thinks I should have a slogan for the site so perhaps I’ll add one. If anyone else has suggestions for new features for the blog please feel free to write a comment or send an email to editor(at)emergingrunner.com.

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