One out of one doctors say running is good for your heart

Today’s workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

I spent much of yesterday at doctor’s offices. My appointments were routine (annual physical, etc.) but the process, especially the waiting, can be exhausting. I was glad I ran in the morning because the rest of the day was understandably sedentary. I asked my doctor about an article I’d recently read that said running could pose increased risk to the heart. I wasn’t that concerned because the greater risks were with higher mileage, performance focused athletes. My doctor is a nationally ranked cardiologist and I trust his opinion over a newspaper columnist’s.  He flatly dismissed the risk and said “running is the single best thing you can be doing for your health.” That’s good enough for me.

I followed my usual schedule this morning and did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. It was hot and humid but I didn’t mind it much today. I selected a higher than normal level of resistance and was able to maintain my usual pace even with wattage output close to 100 (vs my usual 80). I was well soaked when I stepped off the machine but I felt I’d worked as hard (or harder) as I do on my daily runs. It’s nice to engage different muscles and to include my upper arms for a change. That’s why I devote one day a week to the elliptical. I should probably use it more frequently but if the choice is between running and the elliptical machine it’s rare that I’d choose the latter. I’m hoping to run tomorrow but we’re hearing that Earl will come close to Long Island tomorrow and (hopefully) move well off shore by late Friday night. If conditions aren’t good I may end up on the elliptical tomorrow after all.

2 thoughts on “One out of one doctors say running is good for your heart

  1. Wow. That's an awesome quote from your doctor. Go, Doctor! =) And good for you! =)Yes, it can be interesting, surprising, and presumably quite beneficial to cross train so you use different muscles.I like some Jillian Michaels videos and she's very into mixing it up a LOT while working hard to keep your body confused and happily (for you re: results) inefficient. It feels like a lot more WORK, but that's because it is, and is very time-efficient if tough.Thanks for this great and inspiring/affirming post. =)


  2. I've come to the conclusion that, while pure running is the thing I'd rather do, mixing it up is ultimately more beneficial. I was following a much broader workout program two years ago when I returned to running and I've since narrowed it to mostly running. I need to change that. I like the concept of instability as a method of promoting positive change. That's the idea behind Shape Ups, right?Are you still running 3X a week?


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