MOO(ve) over! I’m running the Cow Harbor 10K!

I missed the Great Cow Harbor 10K race last year because it conflicted with a family trip. I was eager to sign up for the 2010 version but discovered that we have a family event on the same day. Those things happen and though I was disappointed I understood the reasons. On Saturday we got the official invitation in the mail and my wife brought it over to me and said “We don’t need to be there until 4:00 PM. You can run Cow Harbor.” I wasted no time getting signed up and registered.

I’ve run nine races since returning to running in 2008. Most of these races have been of modest size, typically 200-600 participants. I did run with a relay team at last October’s Cape Cod marathon which numbered almost two thousand runners but it still didn’t seem all that big. Cow Harbor is big and it’s also a RRCA Championship race so it attracts elite runners from all over the world. The field is big, over 5,000 participants, that I’m certain will feel like a huge crowd while I run through the quaint harbor side town of Northport in September.

Speaking of big races, I got a report from Adventure Girl that the Haulin’ Aspen half marathon trail race in Bend, OR was a fantastic event. Her descriptions sounded grueling but she called it fun. Look for a full recounting in an upcoming Running Gone Wild post. Although I am excited about Cow Harbor, my sights are set on my next race: the Dirty Sock 10K that is scheduled for Sunday, August 22nd. I plan to stay with my focus on speed during this week’s training runs and to begin introducing more hill training on weekends. The Dirty Sock course is relatively hill free but the Cow Harbor course will clearly present some elevation challenges.

One thought on “MOO(ve) over! I’m running the Cow Harbor 10K!

  1. Anonymous

    Terrific video clip. Thanks. The clip certainly captures the excitement & how the Northport residents support the race. Thanks.


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