More reason to blame the heat

Today’s run: Neighborhood (planned)

I have my son with me in the office today. Coming into work with me is one of his favorite activities over the summer. He loves the train, being in the city and the office environment itself. He has grown a lot taller since the last time I brought him in and now I have to pay for his train ticket and Metro Pass. I guess that makes sense as he did kick my butt in our recent duathlon so I have to stop treating him like a kid. That is until he drags me to Nintendo World at lunch.

I’m not sure what opportunity I’ll have to run on Saturday so I skipped this morning’s workout in favor of a longer run when I get home this afternoon. It’s beautiful weather for outdoor activity and I hope that’s still the case later. I may end up running in that 4PM – 8PM window of peak performance so it will be another opportunity to test that theory. I just read in the current issue of Runner’s World that every 5 degree increase in temperature over 60 degrees can result in a 20-30 decrease in pace per mile. Were that true I’d be running even slower than I am these days but, if it is even partially true, it would further explain why I’ve been averaging middle to high 9:00’s instead of the high 8:00 to low 9:00 minute paces I was running in the winter and early spring. With all the conditions for slow running that are out of my control, it’s tempting to say that there’s not much that I can do to improve my speed until it cools down and/or if I run late in the day. At least I”m not so delusional as to really believe that. Although outside conditions may influence performance I know that only hard work will make me faster.

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