New articles: Running Gone Wild and Runner’s Tech Review

Today’s run: Rest day

A busy evening kept me up late last night so I decided to forgo today’s run in exchange for 30 minutes of extra rest. I think it was a good decision and I am happy that I’ve reached a point where I can spontaneously skip a workout without concern that my training is going off the rails. Barring rain tomorrow I’ll be out there again. With rain, it’s the dreaded treadmill.

I’m happy to report that new stuff has been posted to Running Gone Wild and Runner’s Tech Review. In Running Gone Wild, Adventure Girl recounts two recent and memorable runs in the wilds of central Oregon. Adventure indeed! New on Runner’s Tech Review are our impressions of Saucony’s Kinvera minimalist running shoes. I’ve grown to really like these shoes and I’m impressed by how well Saucony has nailed the requirements for shoe that meets the needs of Born to Run mid-foot running fans.

I’m looking forward to a break in the humidity tomorrow and I hope that it lasts through the weekend. It probably won’t but I’ll still appreciate all this oxygen rich, low altitude air.

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