Injuries, pains and hot sushi

Today’s run (street): 2.5 miles at 9:20
All runners worry about injuries, especially those that happen quickly and interrupt our lives. Even non-athletes experience injuries. My mother is in the process of selling her home on Cape Cod and was preparing for a yard sale when she tripped on a box and fell. This resulted in two broken wrists. She’s recovering from yesterday’s surgery and is facing weeks of rehab. Our family is fortunate that my brother and his family live in Boston and are taking great care of her. It’s scary to think about how something as sudden and unexpected as a fall can change your life so quickly.

I’ve been very fortunate in terms of injuries over the last couple of years since I’ve returned to running. I caused my own problems early on when I went to the track for speed work and ran some intervals too fast without properly warming up. I pulled an abductor muscle on my left side and for months this injury acted up like clockwork whenever I’d reach the third mile of a run. I also developed a nagging pain in my right leg that would show up at the beginning of a run but that usually dissipated after a few minutes. I eventually solved that problem by replacing my Nikes with Brooks Adrenalins. Those Brooks cured my pain within a week and have never caused me pain. My original pair have 600+ miles and I can still run in them without a problem. I’ve been fortunate to have avoided any other running injuries since the ones that I’ve mentioned. I’m sure sure if I pushed more and did regular speed workouts I’d probably end up hurting myself again. So ultimately, being a lazy runner can be a good thing.

I guess cooked sushi defeats the concept
It’s easy to be a lazy runner with the weather this week. The temperatures have dropped to the 70’s in the early mornings but the humidity remains high. I got out this morning and did my miles but it was definitely a workman’s effort to get through the run. I was amused by the above sign in our corporate cafeteria yesterday notifying employees that “Sushi Thursdays” were cancelled due to the heat. Not being a fan of sushi I was amused by this action. However, there were lots of disappointed people. On the bright side, while the mercury rose outside, the mercury levels of the sushi eaters didn’t!

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