Unexpectedly positive run

Today’s run (street): 2.64 miles at 9:09 per mile

I was ambivalent about going for a run today. Tuesday and Wednesday’s runs were tough and I questioned whether I was pushing myself too hard. The last two times I went out it seemed like I just couldn’t get myself out of second gear and I wasn’t looking to repeat that experience today. With the temperatures approaching 80 degrees by 6:00 AM and the dew point rising, I considered cranking the AC and jumping on the elliptical. I decided to run but to keep my pace moderately slow. I targeted a top end range on my HRM and I used that as a guide for my level of exertion. Wearing my Kinvaras I took off at a comfortable pace and I was surprised to find the effort was less than anticipated.

Although I had a little more time than usual this morning (I took the day off for my son’s graduation) I wasn’t planning to go out for more than 25 minutes. The tightness of my upper hamstring was hardly noticeable and, unlike yesterday’s run, I had no pain in my right knee. After about five minutes I knew that it would be a good run regardless of my overall pace. Mile one seemed to come when I expected it and I hoped that last night’s calibration had finally restored the Garmin’s accuracy. I didn’t feel like I was moving along very quickly but I refused to look at my watch because I didn’t want to feel pressure to speed up. The second mile came faster that I expected it and I was farther from my house than I thought I’d be when I hit that mark. I finished the run with 2.64 miles recorded and thought that the Garmin was way off. My heart rate never climbed to a level of high exertion so I expected my true distance was far less than indicated. When I got inside I Gmapped my route and it came to 2.64 miles so not only is the Garmin accurate but I hit 9:09 on a brutally hot morning.

It was a great feeling knowing I was back running closer to 9 minutes per mile. My son’s graduation followed and was also great. He was a host for the day so I got to see him up on the podium a number of times introducing speakers and talking about the school year. A great day with a great start. In terms of my runs, I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

2 thoughts on “Unexpectedly positive run

  1. Monitoring performance in real time can work both ways. Knowing you need to pick up the pace can make you a faster runner. But it can also add stress to an otherwise pleasant run. I try to look at heart rate instead of pace as I run. It prevents me from worrying about pace while telling me if I need to work a little harder.


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