Not sure what to make of my FR60 calibration

Yesterday’s run (street): 2.8 miles @ 9:29/mile
Today’s workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

I’ve been focused on business needs this week and that has disrupted my blogging schedule. I’m at an industry event today where I presented in the morning. That was the last big thing I needed to get through for the week (so far). I’m thinking again about my running.

Yesterday I returned to the street and ran (according to Garmin) 2.95 miles. Knowing that my distance number on the FR60 was overstated by 6.5% against the distance of my 8K, I suspected that I didn’t actually cover what the display showed. I “Gmapped” my route as soon as I could and discovered my true distance was 4.4% less than what was indicated. This didn’t surprise me but it also makes me wonder if the 8K course was actually 8.2K. I have not moved the sensor on my foot pod the last three times yet my margin of error seems to have swung from calibrated to over counting by different amounts on subsequent runs. I’m transferring it to the Kinvaras tonight for tomorrow morning’s run. I’ll see what happens after that. My run on Tuesday morning went well although I didn’t go particularly fast. Once again I surprised myself by not really caring about my pace. I’ve decided that I can either dedicate time to speed drills and tempos and improve my average pace or I can go out almost every day and just run for fun. I’m definitely focused on the fun option right now.

I chose to do an elliptical session this morning which was a perfect workout to prepare me for today’s events. Tomorrow I’m planning to go out again and run. I’m thinking of pursuing a new distance goal this weekend. I think breaking 10 miles is the next frontier for me. Perhaps not this weekend, but soon.

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