Sole F63 – a slippery situation, once again

Sole F63, equipped with special belt slipping feature

Today’s run (treadmill): 2.3 miles at 9:08

You’d think it would be easy to figure out whether it’s raining without actually stepping outside to check. At 4:00 AM it’s really too dark to see rain out of a window and the audial clues from the skylight were indeterminate this morning. I had already resigned myself to running on the treadmill so I started it up without further investigation of the weather. As much as I love running there are different levels of enjoyment. At the top would be a beautiful, scenic trail with groomed paths and cool weather. Below that, but still desirable, are many other scenarios involving running on trails or roads. After that is the track which has its positives but, for longer distance, can be mind numbingly boring. At the bottom (for me) is the treadmill. I can’t fully explain why, but I find treadmill running very tough. Perhaps it’s the tedium of an unchanging view but it’s also being locked into certain pace and having the road moving under you instead of the other way around.

An added dimension to my treadmill woes is a recurring problem with the belt slipping on on my Sole 63 unit. This is a new machine that we’ve already had serviced to fix this problem but I noticed it again today. Like last time, I could avoid slipping on the belt if I kept to the left side. However, the tread isn’t so wide that I don’t occasionally cross over to the “slip zone.” I did my 2+ miles just to get them done and really started wishing for drier days going forward. I’m hoping to avoid this experience until the machine is fixed…yet again.

2 thoughts on “Sole F63 – a slippery situation, once again

  1. Lest gym owners underestimate the grave importance of a slipping belt, I was trying out a gym, once (a friend was a member and I got a day pass) and the treadmill slipped now and then during my run.1. Very scary2. Seemed pretty dangerous3. I concluded from that I'd NEVER join that gym. I can't imagine no one had ever reported it. Yikes.There is ONE gym in my town, and that is the gym, and I've only seriously considered joining now that there are new owners. You are very brave to run on that machine.


  2. Thanks – I hope to avoid it all costs until it's repaired. My wife is on it every day and hasn't had the problem. I do go faster than she does, other than that I can't explain why we have different experiences.


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