Take a break, it’s good for you

Today’s workout: Rest day

For the third time this week my day started with the loud bleat of my my alarm clock. Yesterday’s run, though short, was tough and I decided that if I woke up on my own, minutes before the alarm as I usually do, I would do my planned workout. If not I’d take a rare mid week rest day because I obviously need it this week. Even so, I struggled with the decision but, ultimately, I’m glad that I rested.

When I ran in Central Park with my friend CK last week I’d mentioned that I run or work out every day except Mondays. He was incredulous (he obviously doesn’t read my blog!) and said I shouldn’t run so often. I told him the distances I am covering during week days and he agreed that my schedule is probably fine. However, he did say that resting a day or two, or even for a week occasionally, can be beneficial. I guess that helped me feel better about skipping today’s planned elliptical session. I’m planning to run in the city tomorrow and I’m sure this week’s extra day of rest will help reset my energy level and prepare me for longer runs over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Take a break, it’s good for you

  1. Taking a rest day is so much needed at times just to do absolutely nothing. I took one yesterday to catch up on sleep I am so lacking. Today, I am ready to rock it. Great post and very true. Take care. BTW, I will be doing a trail race in June. Strip Mine 9 15k


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