Sunday run with the Emerging Runner Girl

Yesterday’s runs (street): 4.4 miles at 9:02 + .75 mile fun run

Counting Friday’s run in the city, I managed to cover a little more than 12 miles this weekend. Out of those twelve my favorite experience was on a distance less than a mile (more below). With last Tuesday’s 4.8 miles in Central Park and another 2+ miles on Wednesday, I still fell short of my informal weekly goal of reaching 20 miles. Of course if I include the 2 miles covered on the elliptical last Thursday I’ll be able to claim that goal. Okay, done. 21 miles for the week!

As hoped, the rain slowed down by early Sunday afternoon and I took the opportunity to hit the neighborhood streets. I don’t generally do my best speed running at 1:30 in the afternoon but I tried to keep the pace as brisk as possible. Due to the wet roads I wore my Adidas Response 15 trail runners. That was less for protection on the slippery road service and more to keep my Brooks GTS 10’s from getting wet and dirty. I ran about 1.5 miles on local neighborhood streets and then cut over the neighborhood #2 for the bulk of the run. Since I was running in trail shoes I took advantage of a few areas alongside the road that had packed dirt and grass. It was pleasing to hear the chirp of the Garmin as I passed the two mile point. The third followed surprisingly soon after the second. At one point I looked at the watch and noticed that it was giving me readouts that said “00:15 ahead” which confused me. I then realized that when I updated the FR60’s firmware yesterday it switched to a default setup that included a virtual running partner. I would have had fun with the virtual partner if I better understood the interface. I again relied on my heart rate monitor to guide me in terms of effort. My pace seemed fast for those conditions but, after verifying on Gmaps, I confirmed that the Garmin was accurate.

When I got home from my run I was met by my 11 year old daughter who had been riding her scooter and waiting for me to return. We decided to run a loop around some of the local roads and covered .75 miles between 10-10:30 mins per mile. Though it had been months since we ran together she kept up very well. My daughter has near perfect running form and she lands on her front foot naturally. I think she was happy when I told her that I learn things by watching her run. Next weekend I hope we will be able to cover more distance.

It’s still very soggy in NYC and on Long Island so I’m not sure what outdoor running I’ll be able to do during the week. I’m planning to get at least one Central Park run in before next weekend, assuming we see clear skies this week.

2 thoughts on “Sunday run with the Emerging Runner Girl

  1. Have you decided to run Sunday's 10K RXR L.I. Festival of Races? I will be there for the Half Marathon. I did not register on line, but will sign up Thurs./Fri. eve.


  2. I've decided not to run it after all. Too close to my last race and too much else to do on the weekend. There's a 5K in Oyester bBay later in the month that i'm considering. Otherwise I'll do either the XTERRA 8K or the NHP 8K (or both). Best of luck with the RXR Half!


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