Over the hill

I looked up the course map for the Marcie Mazzola Foundation race and saw that it’s basically the same route as last year’s run. It looks as though the start has been moved to a different location and the course wraps around Heckscher Park instead of heading west and north of it as it did last year. This translates to a shorter run for 2010, 5K vs. 4 miles. What doesn’t change is the big hill that runners encounter about a quarter mile into the race. Last year I was astonished by the length of that incline. I believe the road gains elevation for almost a mile before the street levels off. Last year I did know about the hill prior to the race but I didn’t realize what a punch it would deliver. This year I hope to be better prepared for it.

Speaking of hills, I was surprised by the tightness I had in my legs this morning. Yesterday’s run was by no means difficult and, although we did scale one big hill, overall, it was a fairly flat run. I definitely need to work on my conditioning if I want to be ready for the 4/11 race. This morning I ran an easy 2.6 miles that felt good and satisfying and loosened up my quads quite nicely. Our new treadmill is due to arrive tomorrow and I’m eagerly anticipating that delivery. Our treadmill is ready to go although its high decibel howling has stopped for the most part. It’s a simple machine and our new one is more modern and technical. I’ll be pleased to have a dashboard that displays my speed and progress and I’m hoping the new unit is quieter and the motor less rough. Most importantly, the new treadmill is capable of inclines up to 15%. This will be a useful capability as I work to get ready for the big hill on race day.

2 thoughts on “Over the hill

  1. Anonymous

    I drove the course this weekend and measured that hill on the car's odometer. From the bottom of the hill to a street that seemed like the top called \”hi ridge\” or something appropriate like that it was half a mile. From the turnaround at nassau road back to Hecksher its mostly downhill though. Initially wanted to run the course a few times as practice but there's lots of blind curves and a really small shoulder on the hill side. Seems dangerous with all the traffic and without the street closed so I'm left to simulating this on my treadmill. I'll be running this too good luck ER!


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