A nice change of pace

I decided to partake in some elliptical training this morning rather than repeat yesterday’s treadmill run. My legs need a little more time to strengthen and I thought a lower impact workout would be the right choice. Although I much prefer running to any other athletic activity I appreciate my sessions on the elliptical as a good change of pace. Unlike the treadmill, the elliptical is quiet enough to allow me to watch the television at a normal volume so I can enjoy the mindless junk that they show at 4:00 AM including oft-repeated graphically disturbing PSA’s about the dangers of smoking and commercials for anti-depressants that spend half their duration warning you about their dangerous side effects.

Like my current program for running I took it easy on the elliptical and programed modestly low resistance. My goal is to rebuild my endurance, not my speed, as speed will come in time. About ten minutes into my workout I began to sweat and that always makes me happy because I know I’m doing some work. I was somewhat surprised and pleased to see that I was striding on my forefoot without even thinking about it. Perhaps the fact that I am trying to reinforce that style in my running and walking spilled over naturally to the elliptical. It’s been a good transition so far and I have not experienced soreness in my calf muscles from the change.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the treadmill and this weekend I hope to hit the trails again. That will be a great moment for me and I’m excited that it could happen so soon.

2 thoughts on “A nice change of pace

  1. Mindless Junk on TV. You gotta love it at 4 in the morning. Those side affects I tell ya. *May cause sudden DEATH……but you wont have that headache anymore. I have been improving on my pace, and with that said I have been noticing something. I have been landing and taking off using the front of my foot. I dont know if this is what you are referring to. It makes me feel as though I am using less energy to go faster. Weird. Just thought I would throw that in. Happy Running on the treadmill. Good to see you back in the game.


  2. You should read the book \”Born to Run\” by Chrisopher McDougall. He talks a lot about barefoot running style and how landing on your forefoot create much less impact and is more efficient than heel landing. I've found that midfoot and front foot landing combined with more frequent but shorter strides allows me to run faster with less effort. I think you're on the right track.


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