I’ve learned to listen to my body

One positive thing about my recent illness is that it taught me that I have limits and that I need to respect those limits. Otherwise I might end up back in the hospital. I had a couple of good runs over the weekend and rested yesterday. I figured that this week would be the right time to slide back into my daily running routine. The only modification I’m making this week is that I’m running indoors on the treadmill rather than the road at 4:00 AM. Last night, after an energizing day at work, I started to feel ill on the train. I was suddenly fatigued and had quickly developed a headache. That carried through the rest of the night and when I woke up this morning I debated whether to push through it and do my run or get back in bed and rest more.

Prior to my pneumonia I would have definitely pushed through and run. I’ve had success in defeating colds by overwhelming them with activity. This morning that felt risky and while I felt a bit guilty about it I knew I needed to listen to my body and rest. I ended up sleeping another hour and then slept the 40 minutes on the train into the city. Three cups of strong coffee and two ibuprofen have brought me back for the most part. Now that I’m feeling better I’m wishing I still had running clothes in my office so I could do a few miles in Central Park at lunch. In the end I know rest is the better cure so I’ll live with not running today. I’m planning to run the treadmill tomorrow morning if my body tells me I can.

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