Many thought running caused my pneumonia

Rest days are the theme of the week for me. I had planned to do an elliptical session this morning but I figuratively hit the wall on Tuesday afternoon and dragged myself home. My wife said it’s crazy to work out when I still haven’t adjusted back to the work-week schedule. I took that as sound advice and skipped today’s workout. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try again or I may just wait for Friday for a moderate run.

It’s hard to write a blog about running when you’re not actually running. People have been very gracious and encouraging in their comments and I guess some of the reason is that we’ve all been forced into recovery for one reason or another. According to what I’ve read more than 65 percent of runners suffer running related injuries each year. Many haters people probably find that to be solid evidence that running does you more harm than good. My wife said she was asked numerous times whether my running caused my pneumonia. She simply responded by saying that my conditioning probably helped keep the illness from being as debilitating as it might have been. My brother had great response when someone suggested that my pneumonia was triggered by working out too much and keeping my weight too low: “So would he have been better off packing on the pounds and sitting around on the couch than exercising and running?”

With everything that’s transpired over that last three weeks my weight has actually dropped lower than I want it to be. That’s what happens when you go two full weeks without an appetite. Well my appetite has fully returned and I’m tempted to regain about five pounds via junk and comfort food. I’m happy to say that I’ve been good about not doing that so far. My weight will come back to the proper level on its own – that’s one thing I thing I know I can count on.

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