Slowing down time the hard way

Time is elastic, at least when it comes to human perception. When engaged in an absorbing task, time seems to pass at an astonishingly fast rate. When we are anticipating something good, time seems to slow. A perfect example of this was this morning’s workout on the treadmill. In this case anticipating something good was defined as doing anything but running on the treadmill.

I decided to be positive and look at the treadmill as a solution rather than a problem. The real problem was the icy streets with no sidewalks for escaping cars. I knew that if I wanted to run this morning I would have to do it indoors. Knowing it would be hot, I dressed in shorts with my new ATAYNE short sleeve running shirt. I began to nudge the slide control on the treadmill towards what I remembered to be a fairly fast pace. The control panel display no longer works (hey, the machine is older than my 6th grader) so I need to rely on perceived effort to gauge my speed. The first five minutes seemed to go fine and the second  five were less fine. As I stared at the numbers on the digital clock I was amazed by the time it took for a single minute to pass. At the 15 minute mark I just told myself that I can endure anything for 5 minutes and I finally finished up after 20 minutes covering about 2.4 miles.

I’m at a point where I can probably run ten miles under ideal conditions. I would not be doing that at 8:39 per mile as I ran today but I’d enjoy it a lot more. Whether I love or hate the treadmill, it looks as though it will be my primary work week running option. You never know, some day those passing minutes could feel like actual minutes rather than hours.

3 thoughts on “Slowing down time the hard way

  1. Well, you did it anyways. Better than getting injured out on the icy streets. I don't have any problems with tread mills. I seem to have a knack for it, but I do understand about the time thing. The Treadmill is like a time machine. Slowing down. I add some fun into my treadmill workouts to make the time go, and cover up the clock with a towel. Have a good one and Merry Christmas.


  2. A TV would make it more bearable. I have one in the guest room but it's not ideally positioned. It serves as a nice occasional distraction when there's something on that doesn't require sound like a sports event.K – I'm glad you like treadmills. I wish I did. Although I disliked it less today than yesterday. Happy holidays.


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