Helly Hansen Trail Lizards are also good for snow shoveling

I fibbed a little in yesterday’s post when I said I didn’t like shoveling snow. I actually like it a lot. My technique is not unlike LSD running and when I get into the zone I often find the orderly progress relaxing. This morning my wife and I came out to a foot or so of snow that had accumulated after the 3″ we’d shoveled last night. In about an hour we managed through it. The biggest challenge was finding places to put the snow that we lifted off the driveway and walk. There was a lot to displace.

We have guests coming over for brunch a little later this morning so I’m glad to have got some exercise in beforehand. I was happy to do some upper body work as well. I wore my Helly Hansen Trail Lizard running shoes while I shoveled and found them to be remarkably comfortable as well as very stable in the slippery conditions. The shoes don’t have any water proofing but the snow is dry and fluffy so that wasn’t an issue. I’m really tempted to go out later for a run in the neighborhood with the Trail Lizards. I’ll hold off for now because there are still snow plows on the road and I don’t want to have to dodge them, especially with no sidewalk escape route. If I don’t make it outside I’ll consider an elliptical session or perhaps a workout on the treadmill. I can always look out the window and enjoy the snowy scenery.

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