Will I run faster if I go back to Nike+?

I was talking with my colleague KWL yesterday and he mentioned that he’d been running with his iPhone using the Nike+ sensor. As frustrated as I was with my Nike Sportband experience I will concede that the core technology worked very well. The corrosion of the LCD display and the eventual refusal of the Sportband to upload run data prompted my switch to the Garmin 50. All the same, the sensor, when positioned properly and correctly calibrated, did a good job of capturing data from my runs. KWL loves his iPhone and this system works for him. He showed me some data from his runs that revealed that his paces are in the high-7 to low 8-minute mile range. I’ll admit I was a bit jealous to see that, especially since he runs in training shoes, not running shoes. It made me think about why I typically run between the mid-to-high 8’s and the mid-9’s while other recreational runners are a minute or more per mile faster. Of course I know others who run in the 10-11 minute range. It doesn’t really matter though. If you’re running then you’re doing something right.

This morning my one goal was to go out and have a better run than Monday’s. Within a few minutes I could tell that I had more strength today and, while it wasn’t one of those effortless runs I’ve written about, it wasn’t a struggle either. I had a little more time today so I stretched out my route and ended up covering 2.5 miles in about 23 minutes. Along the way a thought about my cadence and wondered how I could increase it to gain more speed. Eventually I stopped thinking and just looked at the scenery as I ran, happy to know that yesterday’s difficulties were behind me.

Finally, I got a note yesterday from a fellow runner/blogger, Bjtsven , who shared some of his 2010 running goals with me. I found one of them to be very insightful: “I’ve never had a goal to run a full marathon only a half, however, friends knowing I run always ask if I’ve run a marathon. So I figure to do it once and be done.” I’m not ready to take on 26.2 miles at this point but I think that’s as good a reason as any!

One thought on “Will I run faster if I go back to Nike+?

  1. I think that technology can be good and bad for a runner. I have to find what works good for you. What works for Johnny might not work for you. I had a buddy that used that Nike + system thing and he was very happy with it. I didn't much care for it. Take care and have a great day!


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