Energy low, three days to go

Each morning when I get up to run it seems inconceivable, in my groggy state, that I could engage in an activity more challenging than sitting up in bed. However, in the fifteen minutes between fetching coffee, putting on running gear and heading out the door I transform from sleeper to runner. Most days things work well and by the time I reach the street I’m usually feeling 100 percent the runner. Today I felt like I’d left the best of me at home. I never felt like I found my stride and though I wouldn’t complain of weakness I lacked the normal energy that I expect at the beginning of every run.

I mentioned yesterday that my aerobic balance has improved and this carries the day for me. My endurance is no longer affected by breathlessness, these days my limit is the range between body strength and weakness. This morning I figured that I just wasn’t up for a hard charging workout and my numbers reflected that: 2.3 miles at 9:19. I’m supposed to be tapering this week but as my weekday runs are already limited by time I don’t see the point in cutting down my running in any measurable way. I’m probably going to rest tomorrow and do an easy 3 or 4 miles in Friday. Saturday is a question – run or rest? AG is planning a run by the ocean and I must admit that has appeal. At the same time I need to do everything I can to be ready for Sunday’s race. I guess I’ll decide what to do closer to Saturday.
One last thing. My colleague KWL is in Hong Kong right now and he sent me his MotionX GPX and KMZ files from his run along the eastern harbor near Sai Wan Ho. He also sent me this picture (left) that he took along the way. I can’t imagine how beautiful that must look in person.

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