Energetic morning run

I must have had a good night’s rest last night because I woke up ready to run this morning. It’s not always that way. I do end up getting out and doing my mileage each day even as I fight sleep while I change into running clothes. Today felt different and despite what felt like a swelling in my big toe (my son has struggled with that problem for months on and off) I couldn’t wait to hit the street. This weekend I bought a generic version of “Breath-right” strips that are designed to help keep nasal passages open for sleeping or athletics. My sinuses often bother me when I run so I thought this may be a good way of managing that problem. I bought “small to normal” size and it seemed a little small although I don’t think my nose is that big. The adhesive didn’t work as I’d expected and while I did get it positioned and noticed a difference in my air intake the strip eventually detached during my run. I’m thinking I may upgrade to the brand name and go up a size.

As I said above, my energy level was good as I started my run and I tried to keep a decent pace as I varied between normal and fast segments. I tend to run slower at 4:00 AM than I do at 7:00 AM so when I finished 2.5 miles at 8:48 per mile I was pleased with the outcome. My toe problem was not a factor and now feels close to normal. The cold air continues to support my energy level on these morning runs. I’ll continue to experiment with the nose strips and gauge the effectiveness of the energy chews during this weekend’s runs. Anything that provides a competitive edge is worth considering. 12 days and counting, I almost wish the race was this Sunday.

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