Re-committing to my GTS-9’s

I’m interested in running shoes because they are the one thing that separates me from the road, trail, track or treadmill when I run. I own five pairs that I use interchangeably but the alpha pair are my Brooks Adrenalin GTS-9’s. Those who have read this blog over the last year know what a complicated relationship I have with these running shoes. I regretted the purchase as soon as I brought them home and wished I had chosen the other pair I liked: ASICS GEL 2140’s.

I chose the Brooks because, in the store, they felt better than the Saucony and New Balance models that I’d tried on that day. It was a tie between the ASICS and the Brooks and I chose the Brooks because they felt infinitesimally better. When I got home I tried them on again and noticed the tongue position caused discomfort at the top of my feet when the shoes were tightened. I also felt that the shoes lacked the bounce ands spring that defined my Nike Turbulence 13’s. After boxing them up, taking them out and trying them on again and repeating that over the next couple of days, I finally decided to keep them and in the long run that was a good decision. Yes, they still dig into the top of my feet when tightened too hard and they don’t feel as energetic as some of my other shoes but they very quickly undid the damage that my Nike’s were causing me before replacement. The cushioning of the Brooks is appreciated on longer runs and this morning I tightened only to the point of stability. No pain and a very good ride.

The cushioning properties of these shoes have made me think a bit more about moving to a lighter, less protecting pair. I’m a lot lighter myself since I started running last October and I’m intrigued by the minimal style shoes that take mass out of the mid-soles for weights in the 9-10 oz. range as opposed to the 12+ oz. weight of stability shoes like the GTS-9’s. I read a shoe review in this month’s Men’s Journal that covered minimalist running shoes. The top rated shoe was the NB 1225 that happens to be the model my friend CK just bought. He’s had some serious foot problems so I’m surprised that he’d want something so austere but he loves them. Apparently they are the best of breed for light (12 oz.) motion control shoes. Another highlighted pair were the Brooks Ghost 2 that weigh in at 10.8 ounces. I picked one up in a running store once and it felt weightless. I’d like to try that shoe since I am firmly back in the “I like Brooks” camp now.

I covered 2.5 miles at 9:03 this morning. The time flew by and I found myself a bit farther away from the house than I’d planned so I needed to put some effort into the last half mile to meet my schedule. It all worked out fine. Tomorrow I’ll try for 5-6 miles on the street and Sunday I’m running Stillwell Woods with my nephew. It’s been a while since I’ve hit the trails so I’m looking forward to the experience and hoping for cool weather.

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