Strategic rest

This has been an exhausting week and it took its toll this morning. I went to bed tired and woke up the same way. Although I planned to follow my usual schedule and elliptical today I decided to try to gain an extra hour’s sleep instead. Yesterday I forced myself to run in the rain because I was feeling strong but conditions seemed unfavorable. That did not constitute a good enough reason to skip the workout. It would have been easy to get on the elliptical machine and sleep walk through a session this morning. I’m sure I would have benefited from the exercise but sometimes rest provides the bigger benefit.

I’m glad I listened to my body rather than following my routine out of habit and guilt. I plan to be back on the street tomorrow at 4:00, hopefully more rested and ready than today. From the business perspective it’s a stressful time. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether running or resting is the best response to these situations.

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