Six miles in the morning, party in the afternoon

I heard from Fred Haslett, the president of the LIRRC, the running club that organizes many races on Long Island. Fred said that they had sent out email and set up a hot-line as well as putting information on their website to tell participants how to deal with the triathlon that interfered with access to the 4 mile race on September 13. I guess once I participate in an LIRRC race I’ll get put on that email list and get a heads up on conditions. I appreciated Fred’s comment and I look forward to participating in their run series.

Last week I received my SpiBelt (SPI = small personal items), a runner’s version of a fanny pack. It’s a nice design, basically a zippered compartment made of stretchy material that can hold money, keys, ID, or even a cell phone. The SPIbelt is built to hug the runners body at the belt line and does not interfere with running motion or balance. I took it with me during a six mile run yesterday and included some cash and my identification card. I completely forgot about the SPIbelt while I was on my run. That’s certainly the idea. I was thinking that I may put some GU in it for a boost during the second leg of my relay at the upcoming Cape Cod Marathon. I’ll be covering my experience with the SPIbelt in greater depth on Runner’s Tech Review after the marathon.

After yesterday’s long run we headed to out to Adventure Girl’s housewarming party in New Haven and had a great time. With the kids, we arrived early and left early but by the time we left the place was filled with Yale grad students, good friends and family (some four legged). Quite a few runners in that group. The great food and home-made desserts will hopefully power me through my runs today. My plan is to try a two-fer again, but not too long in terms of distances. I’m feeling a little sore after yesterday’s run so a little stretching is probably advised before I head out for today’s workout. Only 21 days to the marathon relay…

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