False start for my LIRRC 4 mile race

I’ve had some frustrations this weekend starting yesterday when my iPhone, once again, went completely dead. I have the worst luck with Apple products (my iMac has a history of abruptly shutting down with no warning, my first iPhone 3GS arrived D.O.A. from the factory and my
current iPhone has failed twice). I’ve concluded that Apple just makes poorly designed hardware. It’s hard to rely on the iPhone as a business tool when it is so unreliable. I really wish RIM made iPhones (I guess the Blackberry Storm is their equivalent – so no thanks). I traded in my third Blackberry for my company issued iPhone and went from fantastic phone service (Verizon) and reliable hardware to a quirky device with poor integration to email and calendar, a poor texting interface and shoddy construction. Of course the other capabilities that come with the iPhone make up for most of the aggravation. But today I’m ready to throw it out a window.

Compounding my frustration was my race day experience this morning. I didn’t race today because I had too much trouble finding the race. I’m sure that the LIRRC is a fine organization and it is dedicated to the sport and its constituents. I’ve been frustrated with the LIRRC website
because it doesn’t have a lot of the information that I look for when I’m considering a race (e.g., details about the individual races, course maps). What the site lacked today was anything to tell race participants that the directions to the race were wrong because the 2009 Trek Women Triathlon Series event was going on and access to the race was blocked all over the park. Despite multiple attempts to get to the Main Field House I kept running into Park police who were blocking off traffic from every direction. We arrived early enough to absorb the first setback
when my wife dropped me off where we thought the race would start, only for me to discover that it was the triathlon area. The triathlon seemed like a great event. As I looked for someone who could tell me where the LIRRC race was being held I found myself getting screamed at for walking on the running course. I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a single sign showing where to go for my race.

We eventually set off for a different part of the park and encountered another big road block. I asked a Park police officer how I could get tothe location and she said I couldn’t, not by car. We ended up parking far away and started to walk over but by then time was running out and I
decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation. I ended up heading home and running at a local park. I extended my run into neighborhood #4 and into the adjacent industrial park. In all I ran 3.66 miles, not the four miles I would have covered had I raced and I averaged 9:00/mile overall.
It wasn’t my best run and the humidity and sun were in full force. I’m very disappointed with the LIRRC for its lack of communication and signage but I’m sure most people found their way and ran today despite the obstacles. I’m still considering the LIRRC 5K that’s scheduled two Sundays from now. However, if there are any other local races in September I’ll choose them instead. Fool me once…

4 thoughts on “False start for my LIRRC 4 mile race

  1. To Emerging Runner,Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience getting to our 4 mile race on 9/13.When we found out about the triathlon, we sent an email blast out to all addresses we had. Other resources to check or up-to-dae info on our website and hotline.Our race crew are very dedicated and get to the park in all conditions to put on our scheduled events. We do at times have to share the park with other events like wlkathons. The closure for that triathlon is very unusual, and we try to or around events, as we have for 33 years.As far as course maps, we don't because we have quite a few different courses we use and sometimes decide the morning of the race. Either way, you can be assured that the course will be well marked and accurate.Again, we are sorry you didn't make our 9/13 race, but do try another one. Park in parking field #1 or 2. You will not be dissapointed.In the fture, please contact us directly with any issues.Regards,Fred HaslettPresident/LIRRC


  2. Frank,It's clear that the LIRRC is a good organization and it's great the way you offer so many opportunities for racing. I like the idea of just showing up on race day to register because it provides much flexibility to participants. I understand better, through your note, why you don't publish course maps and that makes sense. I'll try for another LIRRC race after I get through my Cape Cod marathon relay. I want to support your organization and I'll mention your gracious response in an upcoming post. -ER


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