The Cow Harbor 10K – great event, bad timing

I did my first run since Sunday’s trail race this morning covering 3.7 miles at about a 9:20 pace. I’m not surprised that my pace was as slow as it was since I covered the first two miles at a moderate pace and sped up as I went. According to my Garmin I was tracking below 9:00/mile for the last mile or so. I was more tired than I’d expected to be after a day off from running but I did do a hike yesterday that involved some steep hills. Today was definitely a maintenance run, nothing remarkable to report.

I’ll admit that I do miss my iPhone and although I still haven’t had more than a couple experiences with the GPS tracking apps that reported within the range of acceptable accuracy. I did like the maps they create and the built in compass and iPod functionality on one of them. My desktop support person from work promised me that I’d see a replacement for my failed iPod from FEDEX either today or tomorrow so I’ll live with limited tools until then.

I’ve identified my next race: a 4 mile run that’s part of the Long Island Road Runner’s Club (LIRRC) that will take place in Eisenhower Park on September 13. The LIRRC holds these informal races often and registration is day of race only. The cost is less than $10 and it seems like a good basic event. A 9:00 AM start makes it easier in terms of travel but it could be hot. I’ll need to miss the Great Cow Harbor 10K because of a schedule conflict. I’ve heard more from Brian, who reads this blog, about the Cow Harbor 10K. He told me that The Northport Running Club holds a number of practice runs every Wed. night at 6:00 PM and those who are interested should check the website for information. Brian also sent the Training Assistance Program Weekly Progression Table (above). Clicking on the picture will produce a larger view. 
I’m glad to have a new upcoming run to help me focus my training. More to come in October and November.

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