A new definition of work shoes

I took advantage of being on vacation and set out for my daily run a little after 9:00 AM this morning. I’d considered taking a rest day or using the elliptical as I usually do on Mondays but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to run outdoors. Since Friday’s 6 mile run I’d run 3.1 miles on Saturday and another 3.7 on Sunday. I set out without any planned course or distance and settled into a comfortable pace for the first half mile thinking I’d speed up once I warmed up a bit. I reached the point where I usually turn left into the core neighborhood but I decided today to turn right over to Jericho Turnpike and ran west along the wide sidewalk. I’ve done this route a couple of times but from the opposite direction (uphill) so traveling this way was a lot easier. I actually felt so guilty for following such an easy path that I cut back into the neighborhood a third of the way in to find some more challenging terrain.

There were many people outside, mostly walkers, and I saw a couple of moms strolling with their middle school age daughters who would be graduating this afternoon. I purposely avoided the distance and pace readouts on my Garmin because I’d decided to run based only upon time. In all I covered 4.13 miles in about 38 minutes for a grand total of 17 miles over the last four days.

Later in the day my wife and I went out to do a few errands and we stopped into Marshalls along the way. Just for fun I looked at athletic shoes and didn’t expect to see much but I tried on a pair of Salomon Tech Amphibian water shoes that looked interesting. The price was right but they didn’t feel that good so I took a pass. The rest of the shoes were basically the same models you’ll typically see at department stores – low end models of good brands. I was about to give up until I saw a pair of Asic Gel-1130’s for under $40. I tried them on and liked the fit so I decided to buy them to keep in my office for both planned and spontaneous runs in the city. I may not have chosen the bright green trim if I had another choice but my daughter pronounced it a cool looking shoe.

I’m going to try the 1130’s tomorrow. I’m curious to see how they stack up against the Brooks GTS 9’s at almost three times the price. New running shoes, what could be better than that?

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