Got my Moji (almost) Working

I recently came across an innovative icing system for athletes. The product is called “Moji” and it consists of a flexible, freezable, gel filled pad that wraps around an area like a knee. The pad is held in place by a stretchable wrap that resembles a knee brace. The company was gracious enough to supply a sample to test during this weekend’s Woodstock to Bronx Ragner Relay. The 12 member team will put it through its paces and I’ll publish a full review after the event. We received the sample yesterday and were extremely impressed by the quality of the device. It is a well designed, top end piece of gear and I will provide pricing along with the review.

Yesterday I accompanied Adventure Girl on her last run prior to Friday’s race. We ran over to the bike path that parallels the West Side Highway and follows the Hudson on the right. It’s a different view of NYC and the weather was clear, sunny and not too humid.

We covered 4.8 miles in what seemed a blink of an eye and jumped on the subway for the trip back to the office. During the run we did our business update, combining exercise and work. I liked being able to put in a longer distance during the work week as I move closer to my 8K.

This morning I worked out on the elliptical going 23 minutes at a fairly good rate using medium resistance. Tomorrow I’ll return to the treadmill (or the dreadmill as my Runner’s World Loop friends call it). I’d be tempted to do a solo run on Friday in the park but my schedule isn’t cooperating.

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