Fitness Showrooms: Deal or bad deal?

The latest episode in the ongoing saga of our BH Fitness elliptical machine played out yesterday when the Fitness Showrooms tech replaced the X1 display and logic board for the third time since November.

Unfortunately this didn’t solve the problem with the inaccurate heart rate monitor (HRM) nor did it fix the problem with the angle of the display. So the net result of all of this is that we’re back to the starting point with a unit that doesn’t provide a key capability. We are actually worse off than when we started because the original display was properly centered but the last two displays have sat off center.

What’s frustrating is that the Fitness Showrooms tech told my wife that the HRMs don’t work on these machines and that includes the one in their showroom. While Fitness Showrooms was happy to use the HRM as a selling feature they’ve refused to rebate the cost to buy an accurate, wearable HRM. Although I like the design and feel of the X1 I am tempted to send it back and buy another brand that has more features and that works as promised.

If I do decide to buy another elliptical I won’t be getting it from Fitness Showrooms. Their position is that we should address our problems with the unit directly with the manufacturer, BH Fitness. Fitness Showrooms represented the HRM as a key feature in order to make the sale. But, to date, they have not stood behind what they sold.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Showrooms: Deal or bad deal?

  1. wow!!!why a BH fitness X1 Model.. I would rather go to a yard sale and purchase a 20 year old treadmill. How come you didn't look into a Precor or Lifefitness elliptical?? when you research and shop for an elliptical like I did I would recommend to go to a showroom like fitness showrooms with various types of high quality brands and try them..Never go online.You pay for what you get…


  2. I'm not sure what your point is. I got that BH Fitness unit FROM Fitness Showrooms and they didn't stand behind the product or the customer.I don't think the BH Fitness X1 is all that bad but Fitness Showrooms proved to be an awful company to deal with and I'll never buy anything from Fitness Showrooms again.


  3. Anonymous

    I am not sure, you went to a showroom they didnt make the product why blast the company? You wouldnt blame best buy for a bad playstation? If you had invested in a quality machine and actually did research you would be a more informed customer. I enjoy buying fitness equipment so next time ask for help


  4. If Best Buy sold me a Playstation and promised functionality that didn't work I'd expect them to take it back. I trusted Fitness Showrooms to deliver what they promised and they failed me as a customer. I'm guessing you're affiliated with that company based on your defensive comments.I'm pleased to see that over 2,000 people have read my post about this experience. Perhaps the company will lose potential sales because of that. Fitness Showrooms had their chance to do the right thing but they chose to do the wrong thing. I hope they learn from this.


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